About Us

Photo: Ken Shields - Co-owner


Edward (Kenny) Clabaugh opened his own garage-gun-shop, ‘Kenny’s Gun Shop’ in the 1960s, serving gun owners in his area, he eventually turned his hobby into a profitable business gaining customers such as Davis Besse, of whom he once reloaded 10,000 rounds in one week! Kenny, as referred to by friends and family, maintained this successful business all while being a dedicated truck driver and loving family man, often taking hunting trips to Wyoming together, where he instilled his passion for the shooting sports in his daughter, Jan, and eventually his grandson, Ken Shields.


Jan, taking after her father, had a natural talent with firearms, winning many medals in national matches with a .22 small-bore rifle. Mr. Clabaugh's grandson, Ken Shields, followed in his grandfather and mother’s footsteps with a fondness for firearms and archery, as well as having a hobby gun shop servicing area friends and local community members. With the support of his lovely wife Laura and their adorable daughter, Kaylin, Ken and Jan decided it was time to take this hobby to the next step.


Mother and son duo, Jan Trask and Ken Shields have continued the pursuit of the lifelong family passion and dream, Mr. (Kenny) Clabaugh had of owning a gun shop. They researched the industry and communities surrounding their hometown of Genoa and that is when they discovered Cleland’s Outdoor World was on the market. They decided that continuing to grow a business that had already been established by one family would provide the perfect opportunity to grow it with their family.


Since taking ownership in February of 2018, Ken Shields and Jan Trask have not only continued to provide excellent customer service, but they have expanded on training the staff and growing the retail offerings as well as creating a training academy. Among other things, Ken and Jan will focus on expanding the youth archery program (JOAD), firearms and archery classes, lessons, and events. Their goal is to continue to provide the same superior customer service when you walk through Cleland’s doors, as you once received when you walked through the garage door of the fine men and women who have made Cleland’s a reality. Their excitement and passion are proving to be contagious, as the Cleland’s Outdoor World and Training Academy team and store continue to grow.