Youth Firearm Safety Course


Here at Cleland's our main priority is firearm safety. We are excited to offer this course and look forward to helping educate your children in gun safety, awareness, and use.


Course Level: Beginner
Cost: $40; includes gun, ammo, eye, and ear protection.


This class is designed for:

  • Families with firearms in the home.

  • Children who frequent homes of relatives/friends that have guns.

  • Children mature enough to take instruction.


Topics covered will be:

  • Primary Rules of Gun Safety

  • Matching Ammunition and Guns

  • Parts of a Gun

  • Differences Between Rifles, Handguns, and Shotguns

  • Shooting Positions

  • Sighting In

  • Safe Gun Carries

  • Caliber’s


After arriving, guests will spend approximately an hour in the classroom learning how to handle a gun (unloaded), parts of the firearm, and several other safety points.

The instructors and students will then go into the pistol range (parents can watch from the range monitor but are asked not to accompany into the range) where "range safety rules" will be covered and kids will take a turn 1-on-1 shooting




Meet our instructors,

Les and Michelle.