Pistol II – Intermediate


Which firearm is right for you? Learn the different types of action and calibers, their purpose and recoil.


This class is designed for those who:

  • Are looking to make the right choice for their next firearm purchase

  • Want to understand the difference between rimfire and centerfire, revolver and semi-automatic

  • Would like to experience the recoil and feel of different caliber firearms.


Pistol II – Intermediate

Takes an in-depth look at the different types of firearms and calibers available and popular in today’s market. The course includes classroom discussion of the types and uses of firearms, and hands-on range experience with a variety of handguns so students can experience the different types available.


Topics that are covered include:

  • Action Types

  • Caliber Options and Specifications

  • Recoil Effect


Course Level: Intermediate

Cost: $75 per person; handgun, range time, targets and ammunition provided. Seats must be paid for to be reserved – seating is limited.

Minimum Age Requirement: 21 or 18(with an adult over 21)