Basic Self-Defense


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What You Will Learn

  • To establish a defensive preventative attitude and view of one's lifestyle. 

  • To recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations. 

  • To psychologically prepare the student for the possibility of attack. 

  • To develop a working knowledge in a relatively few basic self-defense techniques from various disciplines. 

  • To build self-confidence, to instill the need and desire for physical conditioning, and a willingness to take affirmative action if actually assaulted. 

  • To recognize that this is a beginning skill level course and that in order to develop proficiency, it will take a great deal of time and effort to be able to master the defensive techniques presented in class. 

  • To be conversant with the use of self-defense instruction as a method of enhancing self-esteem and personal growth in assertiveness and self-understanding. 

  • Advanced classes cover defense against armed attackers and how to arm yourself with ordinary objects.

Techniques to be covered are grouped into the following areas: 

  • Escapes (standing and ground defenses). 

  • Blocks, strikes (hand, elbow, knee, foot, and head). 

  • Falling. 

  • Recognition of advantage in given attack situations. 

Also, throughout the course, information will be presented on preventative devices, "the way one carries oneself", location of security, actual attack situations, "even if physically trapped, never give up mentally", etc.