Pistol I – Introduction to Pistols

To become a proficient shooter, you need to start by learning the fundamentals.


This class is designed for those who:

  • Have never had formal firearm instruction before

  • Are interested in firearms for self-defense

  • Have never seen, handled, or fired a gun before

  • Are looking for a new hobby


Pistol I – Introduction

Takes a comprehensive approach to learning the basics of handgun shooting. Perfect for the beginning shooter. This class covers both classroom instruction and hands-on range experience with .22 caliber revolvers and semi-automatics and is taught by an NRA certified instructor.


Topics covered include:

  • Handgun safety

  • Fundamentals of shooting

  • Proper range safety and etiquette

  • proper sight picture and trigger control

  • Fundamentals of handgun marksmanship


Course Level: Beginner

Cost: $75 per person; everything included,

Minimum Age Requirement: 21 or 18 (with an adult over 21).




**For dates and times, please refer to the calendar or our Facebook events page**