Archery Range


Cleland’s indoor and outdoor archery ranges are designed for both hunter and competitive shooter alike. Newly updated ranges and 3-D targets provide for a safe and fun experience for archers of all ages. We offer a JOAD program, archery leagues, classes, private lessons, and youth programs; more training than can be found anywhere else in our area.

Archery Range

New to Archery? Welcome! We have knowledgeable staff that will help you select the right kind of bow for your uses and preferences, as well as finding the right equipment for your needs. Don't have bow? We have rental equipment that can be used until you find the right fit for you.


Indoor Archery Range
Details: Cleland’s Outdoor World archery ranges are open during normal business hours.

Cost: $12/hr


Outdoor 3D Archery Range
Details: A walking 3-D archery course. The season runs March 1 to October 31st. We have 30 targets in a wooded area directly behind Cleland’s storefront, and unmarked yardages.

Cost: $8